I am very happy that Jody spoke at my camp. He delivered an unbelievably powerful message about the power of choices. How those things will affect them moving forward in their lives. I think it is something that touched them and they will take it forward for the rest of their lives. I am very thankful. – Mark West – Phoenix Suns, Vice President of Player Programs

I must say that one of my most favorite things about him is his relatability. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult, a teen, a youth, he always makes sure that everyone is included and everyone is reached. He is great at motivating, encouraging and making sure that everyone is apart. I strongly recommend utilizing Jody for your ministry, your corporate events, whatever the case may be. I use him for my business and I know that he will be a blessing for yours as well. -Lyn Richardson – Owner, Founder, Lyn Richardson Ministries

Jody tells us that it is okay to not be in that mold and that we are supposed to be different and dream big, and aim higher than our circumstances, and that anything is possible if we want it bad enough.

I know for me personally that you taught me to make a difference and that there is purpose that is within me and that I should embrace that purpose. And that is why I am currently pursuing writing a book. -Kemi Balogoon – College Student

Jody has a unique gift at facilitating that few others have. He is simply one of the best I have ever seen. He is one of the best in the business. – Deon Clark – TCI SOLUTIONS LLC. CEO 

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